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We’re back! After somewhat low activity over the past 4 years, we’re back with a lot of exciting guitars on offer. Stay tuned!


Buy guitars that you will keep, not end up selling! A fantastic guitar, hand-made by a top-class luthier, that gives you joy and delight day after day, has all the grace, power, balance, rich fullness of tone and sheer energy is a keeper, an heirloom, a rare commodity in today’s disposable world. It’s an item that not only creates music, but is a handcrafted work of art built with precision to last for decades.

We represent some of the world’s finest luthiers, selected for their superb quality of tone and build. We play these guitars because we love them that is why our guitars are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Detailed knowledge of import/export laws and multilingual backgrounds ensure flawless delivery of fine instruments worldwide.

Instruments on the way in:


Bourgeois Custom SJ; German | Cocobolo

Gentner Seismic Model; German | Amazique


Lame Horse LH14 Model “Riabhán”; Englemann | Flamed Tiger Myrtle 

Wilborn Ellie Belle OM

Ben Wilborn Modern OM; Englemann | Cocobolo

Here are some endorsements we have had from our customers:

It is here and it is stunning. There is something in the bass and lower mids that I do not think I have heard in any guitar to date, and it is something very good indeed. I have a busy day at the office so can’t say much more now other than thank you Michael for a terrific work of art.”- Simon Youdale on his Bashkin guitar.

“The guitar is LOUD, good cut, worked quite well.  I’m happy!”- Charlie Freeman

“The guitar is wonderful – it has just the sound and feel I’ve been looking for. And the workmanship and material – wow! This is one guitar I going to hold on to.”- John Goldie

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